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Some History

The European Moulding Manufacturers Association (E.M.M.A.) is an association of picture frame moulding and frame manufacturers, which began life in 1968 when the owners of companies in Belgium, Germany and France met in Hamburg to discuss matters of mutual interest. This was the period when political and economic discussions were taking place which would lead to the creation of the European Economic Community in 1957 - a period when the desire for greater understanding and co-operation between the peoples of Europe was growing rapidly. The three ┬┤fathers┬┤of the group agreed to meet again in 1956 in Brussels and to invite colleagues from other countries. So six people from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands became the founding members of what was then known as the "Picture Frame Moulding Section of the European Confederation of Woodworking Industries". Since then the association has met every year - each time in a different country, and nearly always including a visit to a local factory in the host country. In 1961 Monsieur Jean-Pierre Payot from Switzerland took over the Presidency from Herr Eggebrecht of Germany and, under his charismatic leadership during 24 years, the association grew substantially in members and influence. Monsieur Payot was followed after 10 years by British President, Mr Ian Valentine, and the current President is Herr Alfred Stadelmann from Switzerland. He is assisted by a Secretary-General and an Executive Committee of five members elected every three years.


Now covers 12 countries, including the Czech Republic, and, including national trade associations and individual companies, represents more than 70 companies manufacturing picture frame mouldings and frames. Aims 1.) To maintain and promote permanent contacts between professional colleagues. 2.) To protect, defend and maintain a balance between the interests of the industry and relations with trade associations and individual members. 3.) To study trade, technical, economic, social, fiscal and all other problems affecting the industry. 4.) To promote with every means the sale of the products of the industry. 5.) To protect the intellectual property rights in original moulding designs of individual companies and to prevent as far as possible deliberate copying.

Annual Meetings

This lasts from Thursday evening until Sunday morning, usually at the end of May / beginning of June. Apart from the factory visit, a formal General Meeting is held, lectures are given on such subjects as "The Scandinavian Forestry Industry", "The Paintings of the Prado", "Matboard Specifications", etc., and there is ample opportunity for informal discussion of subjects of mutal interest, for socialising and for building future commercial relationships. In recent years English has become the main language used, although most members are multilingual and everyone is encouraged to speak in their own language if they wish. Instantaneous translation (particularly in Italian) is often available for the formal General Meeting.


E.M.M.A. are official sponsors of this, the most important international annual exhibition for the trade, which takes place every February in Bologna, Italy.