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E.M.M.A Grusswort vom Präsidenten Alfred Stadelmann

  • The European Moulding Manufacturers Association (E.M.M.A.) is the meeting place for all those involved throughout Europe in the manufacture and distribution of picture frames and picture frame mouldings.
  • The Association acts as a mixing pot to bring together the ideas and contacts of its members, and to provide access to all levels of the industry´s technical, design and commercial expertise.
  • It is a forum for meeting new and existing business partners; for exchanging ideas of fashion and trends; and for sharing both the successes and failures of members to everybody´s mutual benefit.
  • Like life, you only get out as much as you put in, and this Association does bring many new advantages for all concerned.
  • The annual visit to a different moulding manufacturer creates discussion and lively debate and forces the visitors to see how somebody else solves the same problem. There is always more than one way to approach a hurdle !
  • It is in each member´s interest, both personally and professionally, to preserve and to enhance the European industry and this common thread concentrates minds and broadens horizons.
  • The benefits of becoming a member (listed separately) only really become apparent when you join and meet your industry partners for the first time. You will see that E.M.M.A. really is there to benefit all concerned and so for further infomation please contact the Secretary-General, whose details are shown on the "About E.M.M.A." page.

For more information:

E.M.M.A. European Moulding Manufacturers' Association
Stockbrunnenrain 3
CH-4123 Allschwil / Schweiz

Tel. +41 61 307 90 40 Fax. +41 61 307 90 49