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Ten Reasons for Belonging to E.M.M.A

  1. E.M.M.A. brings together members from 12 countries in Europe from North to South, from East to West.

  2. The annual meeting gives everyone the chance to discuss and formulate policies that will improve the quality and marketability of mouldings and frames ┬┤Made in Europe┬┤.

  3. The annual meeting normally offers the opportunity of visiting a local moulding/frame factory to learn about the latest production methods, and for technical discussions with colleagues.

  4. European colleagues met on a social and friendly basis at the meeting may become customers for your speciality, or may recommend other outlets or offer credit information on an informal basis.

  5. Enquiries received on the E.M.M.A. website are passed exclusively to E.M.M.A. members. There is also a hyperlink to your own website.

  6. As sponsor of the annual QUADRUM/SACA trade fair in Bologna, E.M.M.A. members are allocated preferential stand positions.

  7. E.M.M.A. members receive an exclusive 15% discount on all advertisements placed in the Italian international A&C Magazine and the Fine Art Trade Guild international trade publication Art Business Today.

  8. The annual subscription is very modest (currently Euro 290,00 for an individual company) and includes receipt of a full List of Members, updated via a newsletter once or twice a year.

  9. The subscription also includes the costs of running the Secretariat, which is always ready to help and advise members.

  10. If you are located in an EU country, then E.M.M.A. may be able to help you gain access to any relevant EU funding programmes.